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Time and a Reason for Everything        


Becoming a father in 2011 (the year after High School Graduation), everything changed - for the better. I lost any urge of desire one receives short term. You travel through the early years, finding out the reasons and timing of specific events. Figuring out "why?" something turned into "how?" - still searching for yourself.

What I am today, is the creation of time built, and balancing a lot of various professions - trying to fit in somewhere, anywhere...

...still on the search...

In 2014, reality came down pretty decent. You see environments in person, spectate over certain situations, and you finally see it - the horrible side of life. Through Alix Leeper, Tindan Jacob Peter, Nathan Wedell and I - we crafted Philanthropy into our mentality by establishing a Nonprofit. Servicing the areas of Ghana, Liberia and Uganda. Ministries to Grade Schools, understanding a lot.

Life continues on and so does one. Adapting into the sole proprietorship - labeling myself a Private Business Consultant, and entering multisport in 2015 underneath the direction of Bob De Wolf at Uplace-BMC. Valuable lessons and building character - training every month for that perfect event which never arrived, the multisport life. Trial and error, 2016 stepped myself into the light of a Professional Triathlete. 

"Loyalty Goes Far." - that's a true saying!... And we continue on this path together.

In the present moment, I'm still here - but through my experiences and expertise, work remains elsewhere. As I came to realize:


I can never imagine myself in certain shoes knowing what I already know, about what does exist in another part of the world that doesn't exist where it should be. 

Thus, we have project: CSR Multisport League


Several Ongoing Collaborations:

Olga Lyakhova, Olympian: https://www.olgalyakhova.com/

Baiba Bendika, Olympian: https://www.baibabendika.com/

Nijel Amos, Olympian: https://www.nijelamos.com/

Khadevis Robinson, Olympian: https://khadevis.com/

Justin Shema, Digital & Print Manikin


PS: Even though away progressing CSR. I'm still here for all your needs, and will never be too occupied as a Private Consultant. 

Working with Manner        


Committed to the success and sustainability of your business or project. Innovating new ideas, developing and creating solutions that enable my clients to free up their time and resources, concentrating on the core of their business.

Full-Service Private Business Consultant 

Acting as a single interlocutor between you and my vast network of experts, spanning all areas of expertise required to completing your project.

Adding Zero Overhead

Established business relationships to access their services at a lower cost than competitors. Adding zero overhead to the time and cost of your project.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed

Guiding principles behind the scenes is Privacy, Transparency, Trust and Honesty.


Digging deep to use proven methods without reinventing the wheel. Directly to the heart of each formula, establishing a solution.

Past & Current Areas of Direction      


Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


Republic of Benin

Republic of Botswana

Arab Republic of Egypt

Republic of Ghana

Republic of Kenya

Republic of Latvia

Republic of Liberia

Republic of Namibia

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Republic of Rwanda

Republic of Senegal

Republic of Seychelles

Republic of Singapore

Republic of Uganda


Republic of Zambia

Extended Articles & Press        


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